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Pikes Peak Makerspace (PPM) is dedicated to supporting our maker community in their creative process by providing shared space, shared tools, software, materials and a knowledge base to turn their ideas into reality.

Click on a heading below
to learn about our current Tool Areas:

Front (clean) part of building:

Tool Color Map with links

  3D Printing  



  Printers -- Large Format  

  Printers -- Dye Sublimation  

  Vinyl Cutting  


  Office Supplies  

  Laser -- BOSS  

  Laser -- Epilog Zing  



  Dedicated Space  

Back (shop) part of building:

  Wood Shop  

  Wood Shop -- SawStop  

  CNC Router Table  

  Metal Shop  

  Metal Shop -- Powder Coating  

  Metal Shop -- Welding Area  

  Vented Room  

Behind building:


Hand tools should be marked with tape or paint with the above colors.

Return all tools to their proper location after use.

These rules apply to all areas of our Makerspace.

Pikes Peak Makerspace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,

located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.