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Pikes Peak Makerspace (PPM) is dedicated to supporting our maker community in their creative process by providing shared space, shared tools, materials and a knowledge base to turn their ideas into reality.

PPM provides a small collection of books and magazines for members to borrow.

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PPM Library

All our books on LibraryThing

Electronics Library

Just our electronics books on LibraryThing

Wood Working Library

Just our wood working books on LibraryThing

Wish List

Important/interesting books (not yet in our library):

Computers as Theatre

2nd Edition
Brenda Laurel

The Mythical Man-Month

Essays on Software Engineering
Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

Getting Things Done

The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
David Allen

The Inevitable

Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future
Kevin Kelly

Curated Links

Links to other sites (external links):

Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Other Fun Stuff

Links to other sites (external links):

Free PPLD library card

from the Pikes Peak Library District.

Little Free Library

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Meet your next favorite book.

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