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The Powder Coating Area within our Metal Shop at Pikes Peak Makerspace consists mostly of Level 2 equipment.

Additional training is required to use our Level 2 equipment.

 Powder Coating Area  hand tools should be marked with pink tape or paint or powder coating.

All our Powder Coating Equipment combined occupies about 90 square feet (6'x18'). It is a small but important part of the 5,500 square foot building that we lease.

Powder Coating Area
 Powder Coating Area  (6 February 2022) 

Safety First

Members must know the following information:

In case of emergency, call 911

Our physical location is:
735 East Pikes Peak Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
use this when ordering pizza or an ambulance

PPM Fire Escape Plan

Fire Escape Plan maps are posted throughout the Makerspace.
There are 7 fire extinguishers on the fire escape plan map. Review the PPM Fire Escape Plan for locations.

First Aid

There is a FIRST AID Supply Cabinet in our Kitchen Area.
FIRST AID Kits are available in four areas: the Kitchen, Metal Shop, Wood Shop and CNC Room.

Eye Wash Stations

Emergency Eye & Face Wash Stations are mounted in four areas: the Kitchen, Wood Shop, CNC Room and Vented Room.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wear protective equipment in all Wood and Metal Shop Areas.
Wear gloves when using Isopropyl Alcohol and other cleaners.

Hazardous Chemicals

All hazardous chemicals must be stored in the yellow hazardous chemical storage cabinet located in the Vented Room.
Review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information of unknown products before use.
SDS information is available via the QR code on the hazardous chemical storage cabinet or this link.
Do not bring dangerous chemicals to the makerspace.
Spray paint, stains, and other approved items must be stored in the hazardous chemical storage cabinet in the Vented Room.
Please DO NOT paint indoors.

Classes and Training

New Member Orientation

Area Captain -- Trevor Banks

Additional Powder Coating Captains wanted
To help out in the  Powder Coating Area  contact the Area Captain on Slack.


Pikes Peak Makerspace announces its Upcoming events, including classes, on Meetup


Max part size to powder coat is 36"x45"x91"

Part prep

  • Remove anything off the part that can’t handle 400°F
  • Part must be clean and degreased to prevent contamination of media
  • Sandblasting part first gives more grip for the powder to stick to and last longer
  • If the part has been sandblasted, bake the part in the oven at 180°F until the part reaches temp to degas and discharge part. Then allow to cool.
  • Tape anything off with high temp tape (PET, Kapton, Fiberglass) that you don’t want to be powered coated
  • Once the part is cleaned and discharged do not touch part with your hands

Powder coat gun prep

  • Make sure the gun is completely clean by blowing off any powder off and in the gun with air compressor
  • Completely clean out all powder from the powder bottle if using a different color
  • Only fill bottle 2in, NO MORE. The bottle needs air circulation to work properly.
  • Set gun to high voltage for most things for the first coat and use low voltage for very small parts or second coats
  • Set gun PSI to 3-5 PSI

Powder coating

  • Place part on rack or hang from rack using stainless steel hooks or wire
  • Connect ground wire to rack or wire
  • Check ground by moving powder coat gun close to part (1-2in) and push power button to see if there electricity aches to the part. If not adjust ground until you have a strong arch.
  • Hold button and spray powder 6-8in away in a circular motion around part until the part is evenly coated.
  • Start coating the parts that are deep and have 90deg angles (low voltage may help if it’s not sticking) then coat the rest at high voltage
  • Check evenness with led light
  • If air from the gun is blowing powder off part PSI is too high
  • If the powder is not sticking, the part may have not been cleaned well enough or not discharged enough
  • If you mess up or want to restart you can blow off the powder and restart

Baking part

  • Preheat oven to the temperature specified for the powder
  • Place part in the oven being careful not to knock off any powder from part
  • Measure the temp of the part until its at the specified temp for the powder being used (using IR thermometer)
  • Once the part has reached temp bake the part for the specified time for the powder being used
  • Carefully remove the part from the oven and allow it to cool down before handling
  • To add a second coat, coat part hot at 180°F with good ground and on low voltage and rebake
Please see https://wiki.pikespeakmakerspace.org/index.php/Powder_Coating for step by step powder coating procedures.
Max part size to powder coat is 36"x45"x91"


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For Additional Help

Use the PPM Slack channel #metal-shop
List of all PPM Slack channels
Note that we have a Slack channel (#job-board) for members to post, discuss, or accept job opportunities either within PPM or from the community.

Equipment Lists

Powder Coating Equipment

Picture Item Manufacturer Model
Media blaster cabinet
media blaster cabinet Harbor Freight link
Powder coating paint booth
powder coating

paint booth


powder coating paint gun,

dual voltage

Huge oven for powder coating
huge (36"x45"91")

powder coating oven

with PID controller

Trevor Banks N/A

Equipment Reservations

Hand Tools

Picture Item Manufacturer Model
IR Thermometer
IR thermometer
Clamp powder coated pink
small clamp
 Powder Coating Area  hand tools should be marked with pink tape or paint or powder coating.
Return all tools to their proper location after use. This rule applies to all areas of our Makerspace.

Donations Received

Wish List

Pikes Peak Makerspace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so we can provide a receipt for any donations you make.

Benefits and Policies

PPM members enjoy discounts at the following local merchants:
(walk in, show proof of membership)

Company Website Benefit Directions to
Woodcraft of Colorado Springs 10% discount    4438 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Logo CO Lumber
CO Lumber Specialties 10% discount 3636 Stone Avenue
Logo General Air
GENERAL AIR 10% discount 3031 N Nevada Ave.
Logo ACE
ACE Hardware Uintah Gardens 10% discount 1830 W Uintah Street
Map of stores that provide PPM member discounts
Map of helpful local resources curated by our makers


Powder Coating Powders

Color Item Safety Data Sheet Curing Procedure Supplier Date
Sassy Pink PSS 3063 Link 20 Minutes at 350°F PRISMATIC POWDERS 02/10/22
Neon Green PSS 1221 10 Minutes at 400°F PRISMATIC POWDERS 02/10/22
Space Dust PPB 10713 10 Minutes at 400°F PRISMATIC POWDERS 02/10/22
Ink Black PSS 0106 10 Minutes at 400°F PRISMATIC POWDERS 02/10/22
Flatter Black ESS 4441 10 Minutes at 400°F PRISMATIC POWDERS 02/10/22
Super Grip Black PTB 6419 10 Minutes at 350°F PRISMATIC POWDERS 02/10/22
Black MATTE BLACK, Item 93306 400°F for 15-20 mins

after flowout

Harbor Freight
Yellow Mirror Yellow, # 10292 400° F for 20 mins

after flowout

Eastwood Company
Gray ?
Gray ?
Safety Data Sheet
Curing Procedure
Donate for "General Supplies" via PayPal: bit.ly/ppmstuff
Or, leave donations in a black payment box, or use a QR code.

Red Tags

Scrap and Trash

Trash day is MONDAY
Recycling day is MONDAY (96 gallon tote)

Single Stream Recycling provided by Waste Connections. Paper, cardboard, cans, glass, and one time use plastics.

Empty recycling and trash into our dumpster at the back (south side) of the building.
Always leave the space better than you found it.

Member Showcase

For even more member projects, visit our #showcase channel on Slack, or follow our social media links.

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