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Level 2 badge used at Pikes Peak Makerspace

The Large Format Printing Area at Pikes Peak Makerspace (PPM) consists mostly of Level 2 equipment.

Additional PPM training is required to use any of our Level 2 equipment.

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New Member Orientation

Area Contact — Mathew Palfenier

Additional Printer Suite Leaders wanted
To help out with the Large Format Printer, post your ideas/comments on Slack.


PPM announces its Upcoming events, including classes, on Meetup


After loading a new roll of material, be sure the roll spins freely. (Be sure it doesn't rub against the printer.)
☐ Use the small power button on the front, lower left of the printer for an "Emergency Stop", if necessary.
☐ Otherwise, to clear the printer, cycle the power using the power switch in the back, next to the power cord.
☐ Plain paper is recyclable. (Photo paper and canvas are not recyclable.)
☐ Be sure to log your printing job using the Printer Usage Form.
HP DesignJet 510 42-in Printer - Manuals
HP Designjet 510 Series Printers - Specifications


☐ The media profile for "Canvas" does not allow cutting at the end of the job (or even manually), just use the scissors instead.
☐ If printer reports "Print Head Path Error 2", check the (Illustrator) file for any elements that might need to be trimmed to fit within the artboard.

Equipment Lists

Large Format Printer

Picture Item Manufacturer Model
HP Designjet 510
Large Format

Inkjet Printer

(4-Color, 42 inch wide)

Level 2 badge
hewlett-packard hp

Designjet 510,


(416 MB memory upgrade)



3D printed spindle hub
spindle hub replacement


Trevor Banks


3D printed spindle hub adapter
spindle hub adapter

(3" to 2")

Trevor Banks



Hand Tools

Use scissors to cut canvas, (the media profile "Canvas" does not allow cutting.)
Return all tools to their proper location after use. This rule applies to all areas of our Makerspace.

Donations Received

Wish List

Pikes Makerspace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so we can provide a receipt for any donations you make.


PPM members enjoy discounts at the following local merchants:
(bring proof of membership)
Company Website Benefit Directions to
Woodcraft of Colorado Springs 10% discount    4438 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Logo CO Lumber
CO Lumber Specialties 10% discount 3636 Stone Avenue
Logo General Air
GENERAL AIR 10% discount 3031 N Nevada Ave.
Logo ACE
ACE Hardware Uintah Gardens 10% discount 1830 W Uintah Street
Map of stores that provide PPM member discounts
Map of helpful local resources curated by our makers
At home LightBurn subscriptions can be purchased at a discounted rate for being a PPM member.
The discount code is saved as a Pinned Message in our 'laser-cutter' channel in Slack.



If paying by cash, leave donations in a black payment box after login in Cheddar Up.
14", 24", and 30" stretcher boards mounting canvas prints, cost TBD.

Red Tags

If equipment needs repairs, place a Red Tag on it and report it via the Pikes Peak Makerspace Slack channel #red-tags-issues
This advises others on the malfunctioning equipment and ensures that actions can be taken to service/repair the equipment promptly.

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Printing Software

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Member Showcase

For even more member projects, visit our #showcase channel on Slack, or follow our social media links.

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For Additional Help

Use the #printer-suite channel in Slack!
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Note that we have a Slack channel (#job-board) for members to post, discuss, or accept job opportunities either within PPM or from the community.

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