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Procreate is commercial software for Apple's iPad available from their App Store, and it is used by digital artists to create everything from rough sketches to hyper-realistic images. The app is notable in part because of its large library of brushes. (Procreate ships with about 200 brushes and literally thousands more are available free and for purchase from users.)

Procreate app icon
Procreate icon

iPad Info

Get your Procreate Version and Build number:

go to your Procreate main Gallery (not in any Stacks)
pick the name "Procreate" in the upper-left corner.
(From here you can also "Restore Example Artworks" and "Start Gallery Recovery".)

Get the software version on your iPad

Go to Settings app > General, then tap "About".

Siri Dictation Commands

iPad Accessories

Find the right Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil 1 vs Apple Pencil 2
The Apple Pencil 1 is round (does not have a flat edge) and rolls around the table, but will always stop rolling with the Apple logo facing up!
Paperlike screen protector

Make stacks stand out a bit more

Procreate Stacks.jpg

Masking Tips

Links to other sites (external links):

Using Alpha Lock, Clipping Masks, and Layer Masks

Masks + Cheat Sheet!

Installing Brushes

Installing Fonts

Classes and Training

Notes from our Past Procreate Meetups

Our 4th Procreate app Meetup was held May 26th, 5:00PM-6:30PM
Our 3rd Procreate app Meetup was held April 14th, 5:00PM-6:30PM
Our 2nd Meetup (March 15th, 5:00PM-6:30PM)
Our 1st Meetup (February 15th, 5:30-7:00 PM)


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Links to other sites (external links):

Procreate Beginners Series
Procreate Handbook

For Additional Help

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Member Showcase

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Other Fun Stuff

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Procreate receives prestigious Apple Design Award for Inclusivity.

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