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Pikes Peak Makerspace (PPM) is dedicated to supporting our maker community in their creative process by providing shared space, shared tools, materials and a knowledge base to turn their ideas into reality.

Procreate is commercial software for Apple's iPad available from their App Store, and it is used by digital artists to create everything from rough sketches to hyper-realistic images. The app is notable in part because of its large library of brushes. (Procreate ships with about 200 brushes and literally thousands more are available free and for purchase from users.)

-- Our 4th Meetup 05/26/222

3 attended, (2 no-shows)

More links suggested by Marvin:

Link Tree -- "makes your online content more discoverable, easier to manage and more likely to convert."

Kenneth Crane -- Illustration & Design

Master Penman Jake Weidmann -- TEDxMileHigh

Links from Warren:

Art with Flo -- on YouTube

Future topics:

Vectornator -- vector illustration app for iPad and other platforms

Manikin -- 3D posing software for iPad app and other platforms

-- Our 3rd Meetup 04/12/22

5 attended, (1 no-show)

Used Chromecast to send iPad screens to the PPM 70" HDMI monitor.

Links discussed:

Sticker Mule -- including holographic stickers

Sticker app -- including clear stickers



Mental Canvas

Live2D Cubism

Sketch a Day app

Scotty the Painter -- link needed

-- Our 2nd Procreate Meetup 03/15/22

5 attended, (1 no-show)

Once again forgot to take screenshots and pics.

We used the 70" HDMI monitor again, use Chromecast next time(?)

Links and info shared:

Mickayla B

Mathew P -- often goes on sale for $21 (!)

Marvin Harrell

BackMarket -- the refurbished (super) market.

Ben Severson

also uses Krita and Wacom tablet

Warren Jokinen

uses Adobe Illustrator (and Adobe InDesign)

Not on Etsy

Concluded that we will have a third meeting (April).

Now scheduled for Thursday, April 14th, 5:00PM

-- Our 1st Procreate Meetup 02/15/22 at PPM

6 people RSVPed on Meetup, 3 attended (2 canceled, 1 no-show)

after some fiddling, we used the newly-repaired 70" HDMI monitor

(we picked HDMI channel 4 (of 5) with the universal remote)

forgot to take any pics or screenshots, however

Attendees (3):

Lisa MacNicol

business owner, wreath and door hanger maker

Instagram: @lisamaccrafts

advanced Boss Laser user

maintains/cleans Boss Laser, too

large format printer user

new to Inkscape and Illustrator

PicCollage -- layouts, stickers, templates, backgrounds

Marvin Harrell

designer and lettering artist

Instagram: @marvharrell (02/17/22)

has bought brushes and also created his own brushes

uses Splice iPad app for editing and adding music to videos

uses Printful to sell custom products online

demoed "private file/photo" (swipe left on Actions>Insert a file/photo)

(use this to hide an image so it does not show in the playback recording)

demoed QuickMenu (Marvin modified 4-finger tap to be more useful)

Unsplash -- website of free images

future projects: laser cut water painted color paper – butterfly image (02/16/22)

Warren Jokinen

Meetup host, wiki data wrangler and recovering engineer

very new to Procreate (02/09/22)

Inkscape and Illustrator user (Photoshop not so much)

stacks, named layers, brush Vintage>Flower Power

masking techniques, destructive vs non-destructive

(The three of us are all using Procreate 5.25, current version)

Other Tips

quickly drag out from the Modify Button to slide the sidebar up or down,

use Actions>Prefs to make the interface appear on the right-hand side

Decided that we will meet again next month

propose next meeting for Third Tuesday, slightly earlier time of 5:00 PM (to 6:30ish)

"Procreate app -- Create and publish digital artwork"

use Chromecast(?)

do a better job of taking pics and screen caps

Potential topics for next meeting

mandalas and Symmetry (grids, snapping)

more on masking

layer count and "layer anxiety"

sending Procreate files to our Zing and/or Boss lasers

changes and improvements to Procreate wiki page

other topics??

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