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Pikes Peak Makerspace (PPM) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

  • We are a membership composed of Builders, Tinkerers, Engineers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Designers, and Educators all mashed up and revolutionizing creativity in the Pikes Peak Region.
  • We provide a facility with space and equipment for people to create physical items for fun and for education. PPM also is a place to gather interested people for all manner of classes and instruction.
  • We are tapped into and support the Colorado Springs startup community.


PPM big group photo

official PPM logo

PPM Logo Usage

Gears are a common element of many other Makerspace logos, but for us it is also a subtle hat tip to the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

Always try to follow these simple guidelines to use our logo consistently and effectively:


  • Do not animate as a gear or wheel
  • Bouncing animation as computer screen saver probably OK


  • Our logo should appear on a plain background
  • Can appear on a colored background (such as a color from a PPM Tool Area)
  • Need clear space around our logo to avoid confusion
  • May use logo within QR Code


  • Reproduce in black or "rich black"
  • Can be white (reversed)
  • Can be Orange Red ("Safety Orange") #FF6700, CMYK 60,100,0 or RGB 255,102,0


  • Do not alter any individual design elements of our logo (number of "teeth", wording, font, etc.)
  • Maintain proportion (do not scale or skew)
  • Do not attach the logo to other artwork


  • Replace damaged logos (especially signage)

Reproduction at PPM:

  • The logo can be reproduced with our equipment, to demonstrate our capabilities: 3D printer, CNC router, Vinyl cutter, Large format printer, Sublimation printer, etc.

Our organization's name can be shortened to PPM, but not PPMS. (We use "Makerspace" as one word — not two.)

Mission Statement

Pikes Peak Makerspace (PPM) is a community of cooperative hobbyists and early-stage entrepreneurs that empowers members to turn ideas into reality. We strive to provide access to tools and resources to confidently and safely design, develop and make.
Our goal is simple: Walk in with an idea, walk out with it in your hand.

Vision Statement

We exist to catalyze positive change, drive economic growth and social progress by empowering individuals to unleash their full potential.
We imagine a future where Pikes Peak Makerspace is the go-to destination for makers* in the Pikes Peak Region seeking access to resources and knowledge, enabling them to turn their concepts into reality.
Through our commitment to fostering a supportive, inclusive, and collaborative community, we will continue to expand our assets and capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the members.

Maker Definition

A maker is someone who defines themselves by their ability to turn ideas into reality through creativity, innovation, and hands-on skills. Makers are typically driven by a desire to create and solve problems, using tools, materials, and technology to bring their visions to life. They often have a passion for a particular field or hobby, such as woodworking, electronics, or crafting, and may be self-taught or have formal training in their area of expertise. Makers take pride in their ability to think outside the box and find unique solutions to challenges, often experimenting with new techniques and materials to achieve their goals. They may collaborate with other makers, sharing ideas and knowledge to create something greater than what they could achieve alone. Overall, being a maker is more than just a hobby or profession - it is a mindset and a way of life that values creativity, ingenuity, and hands-on problem-solving.

PPM Contact Info

Link Date
This Wiki https://wiki.pikespeakmakerspace.org November 2021
website https://pikespeakmakerspace.org
email https://pikespeakmakerspace.org/Contact
phone 719-445-MAKE(6253)

(please leave a detailed message,

which will be translated to email)


735 East Pikes Peak Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Managing your Membership

How To Slack

PPM Social Media Links

Logo Service Link Date Joined
Linktree logo
Linktree https://linktr.ee/pikespeakmakerspace March 2023

YouTube logo

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeIsImKtiNm7D_BxfG4n7zg Sep 4, 2014

Other Links

Logo Link /


Date Joined
King Soopers logo King Soopers Community Rewards.pdf

"King Soopers makes donating easy by simply grocery shopping."

Amazon logo Our Amazon Wishlist

Support PPM by making a purchase

ebay logo https://www.ebay.com/usr/pikespeakmakerspace

"ecommerce experiences for buyers, sellers and developers"


PPM Area Contacts

Area Area Contact Slack Channel
3D Printing — Filament Josh Rafail,
Mathew Palfenier
Additional volunteers needed
3D Printing — Resin Chris MacNicol #3d-printing
3D Scanning Volunteers needed #3d-printing
Computers Volunteers needed #computing
Printing Suite Mathew Palfenier
Additional volunteers needed
Vinyl Cutter Volunteers needed #vinyl-cutter
Electronics Steve Leininger #electronics
Arduino Volunteers needed #computing
Raspberry Pi Volunteers needed #computing
Laser (BOSSLASER) Mathew Palfenier
Additional volunteers needed
Laser (Epilog Zing) Jonathan Wommack #laser-cutter
Sewing Volunteers needed #general
Wood Shop Volunteers needed #wood-shop
CNC Rodney Roy
Additional volunteers needed
Metal Shop Josh Harlow
Additional volunteers needed
Metal Shop — CNC SHOPMASTER Josh Harlow
Additional volunteers needed
Metal Shop — Powder Coating Quinn Hackenberg
Additional volunteers needed
Metal Shop — Welding Area Volunteers needed #metal-shop

PPM Executive Director

Picture Member Title Date
photo of Cap'n Mat
Mathew Palfenier Executive Director
of Business Administration

Interim Director
of Shop Operations

November 2023

to present

May 2023
to Oct 2023

Our Directors and Coordinators can be contacted via Slack.

PPM Board of Directors

Picture Member Title Date
photo of Josh Harlow
Joshua Harlow BOD President Elected

June 27, 2023

photo of Chris Stevens
Christopher Stevens BOD Secretary Elected

June 27, 2023

photo of Art Hunt

Art Hunt

BOD Treasurer Elected

November 2022

photo of Quinn Hackenberg
Quinn Hackenberg Elected

November 1, 2022

photo of Marvin Harrell
Marvin Harrell Elected

November 1, 2022

photo of Steve Leininger
Steve Leininger Elected

November 1, 2022

photo of Joey B
Joey Buchschacher Elected

November 17, 2023

photo of Drew Johnson
Drew Johnson Elected

November 17, 2023

photo of Gabriela Lisboa
Gabriela Lisboa Elected

November 17, 2023

Our Board of Directors can be contacted,
both individually and as a group, via Slack.

PPM Board Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2018 through 2023 — on Google Drive

PPM Bylaws

Bylaws of PIKES PEAK MAKERSPACE — on Google Drive

Previous PPM Executive Directors

Picture Member Contact Title
photo of Lisa MacNicol

Lisa MacNicol

LisaMac Crafts LLC


Deputy Director (August 2022 - June 2023)

Executive Director (June 2023 - November 2023)

photo of Drew Johnson

Drew Johnson

TechWears Ltd


Executive Director

July 2020 - May 2023

Heather Bresnahan

Executive Director

John Norton

Executive Director

Anthony Abraham

Executive Director

Landon Descamps

Executive Director
photo of Chris Vestal at the MAC

Chris Vestal

MotoMinded LLC


PPM Founder

PPM Tool Color Map — Interactive
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Pikes Peak Makerspace (PPM) is dedicated to supporting our maker community in their creative processes by providing shared space, shared tools, materials, software and a knowledge base to turn their ideas into reality.