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Pikes Makerspace (PPM) is dedicated to supporting our maker community in their creative process by providing shared space, shared tools, materials and a knowledge base to turn their ideas into reality.

Pikes Peak Makerspace has generated and placed unique QR codes on some equipment throughout the building.
We have plans to incorporate QR code usage even more extensively in the very near future, to link into our wiki, for example.

QR Code label
QR Code label

Easy QR Generator-- including Image QR

Basic QR, Colour QR, Social Media QR, Image QR

WolframAlpha website

free, no registration required
Change: "link" to whatever you want coded
Test the resulting image,
Right click to save.

QR Code Generation with Adobe InDesign

Pick Object -> Generate QR Code... and fill in the dialog box

QR Code Monkey website

QR Codes with Logo, Color and Design for free

QR Code Generator website

free, recommended by TinkerMill

QR Code Generation with LightBurn software


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