IPSO 2015 Challenge Debrief

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Grand prize was $10,000.

From the website:

The purpose of the Competition is to promote concepts and benefits of the Internet of Things and Internet Protocol based Machine to Machine (M2M) applications. The Competition seeks innovative applications that could be utilized and commercialized in the open market. All submitted solutions (“Submissions”) will be judged, with the ten best Submissions receiving official Competition awards.

Conference was held at the Designer of Things / IPSO / BIOMEDevice conference, San Jose, Dec. 2 - 3, 2015

IPSO Challenge website: http://challenge.ipso-alliance.org/

DoT website: http://presentations.canontradeshows.com/events/san-jose/2015/theaters

There were 3 entries who called the Pikes Peak Makerspace home:

  1. Better Mouse Trap
  2. IntelliTray, sponsored by MobileBiomedical, LLC http://www.mobilebiomedical.com
  3. Smart Grow 1.0, sponsored by ODD Inc., http://www.oddinco.com/

Judging Criteria

  • IP Compliance
  • Innovation
  • Novelty
  • Marketability
  • Completeness and Presentation
  • Ease of Use/Set Up
  • Bonus areas: Security and Interoperability

Overall impressions

  • Great experience for Mouse Trap and IntelliTray teams
  • Good to have a deadline to work toward

Presentations to Judges

The Mouse Trap and IntelliTray teams had slide decks.

  • Mouse Trap: presentation could have flowed better, state purpose, instead of how works.
  • IntelliTray: 1-1-1: problem, solution, business plan. We think we had a good presentation but believe that marketability, novelty, and other business factors were weighted much lower than the technical factors. We could have reduced or eliminated a lot of this part of our slide deck.

Lessons Learned

  • The days of 2 or 3 month prototypes entered into the IPSO challenge are now over. The teams that won were multi-year efforts developed by university or industry sponsored labs. IPSO challengers need to start early with their prototype to have any hope of beating a 10 person university team working for 2 years.
  • Infrastructure entries are what the judges are looking for, rather than field of use such as medical devices. The Intelligent Rock Bolt was an excellent entry and first place winner based on the strength of IPv6 in a mesh network, despite the fact it has very limited market and mining strain gauges are not novel.
  • Expect little, if any, help from the "mentors" or IoT manufacturers.

Going forward

  • IPSO challenge 2016, yes, we want to be involved
  • Let us try not to dilute resources at PPM
  • Need to start early, days of 2 month prototypes are over for IPSO Challenge
  • Have a brain storming session in January 2016