Electronics area, the E-shop

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The E-shop consists of one fully loaded table near the main entrance. Don't confuse it with the private rented steampunk electro area right next to it, the E-shop has a sign to identify it.

The only requirment to use it is to know enough about the tools and equipment to not hurt yourself or damage anything. Clean up after yourself and leave things as you found them.

If you don't have some electronics background its easy enough to damage some of the equipment and even blow something up in your face. At the moment the most dangerous tool there is the soldering iron which can brand you pretty good if you grab the wrong end.


Electronics classes will be offered from time to time, but you don't need to wait for one to get started. Introductory training for those in need of it is availible from the following people:

Harry is usually in from 10:00 AM to 2 PM on Monday Wednesday and Saturday and available to introduce you to the equipment and get you started. I am willing to consider other times as well so if your schedule doesn't fit that just ask. Don't be shy, I joined this club to teach, learn, and enjoy the company of other tinkers.

??? add your name and any available times here if you feel qualified and are willing to introduce newcomers to Electronics.